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Thursday, November 18th 2021 

One day I entered a dimly lit pub in Tottenham and was greeted with a pint and a "thank you" in digital gif form. 

A sign hanging above said "allergy friendly", but what it actually meant was that all of the food and alcohol options were vegan.

So after checking to make sure I didn't need anything, I proceeded to the nearest table for one and ordered a coffee.

I was greeted by a man I'd seen in the pub before who told me that all of his food options were vegetarian, but I'd have to go to the vegetarian room to order.

I ordered my coffee and walked the long way around to the vegetarian food options to find a lovely Japanese meal waiting for me.

As I ate my sushi and miso soup, I watched an animated YouTube video about Syria (of course), and the drinker in front of me was loudly debating "real men" with another patron about feminism.

I ate my meal, sat around a table with people I'd never usually associate with, and I said "thank you."

Wednesday, November 17th 2021

Thank You Gifs inspire the world. Thank You Gifs inspire the world because they represent, in addition to gifting you some great laugh, some perfect laughs for the gift receiver. As a humor writer, I'm always on the lookout for that perfect gif.

So what can you say in a gif? We're talking for the gifters who, upon unwrapping, really want to sit and stare. A gif can double as a "Happy Birthday/To My Wife/World Peace" ornament, and for those who haven't lost it completely, a funny gif could be an ornament they hang on the tree.

We've assembled 30 of the best laugh-out-loud gifs. Some will make you fall out of your chair; others will make you jump into the abyss with a giddy sigh of relief. The catch? They're all of GIFs. It's a pretty merry mix, my friends, and if we ever met in real life we'd all be friends for life.

Monday, November 15th 2021

Thank You Gifs are an enlightening way to cope with stress in the every day. I love them. Now there are a lot of sites that have funny gifs of what is going on in the news right now.

Thankyougif. com has some great ones that are updated daily.

I noticed one yesterday and it was so cute I just had to share it. Just a heads up, with the crappy weather we have been having I haven't done much at the garden lately.

I have barely watered it and when I do it is during the day while the kids are not with me and I tend to do a lot more watering then. So far we have had tomatoes, squash and cucumbers.

I haven't eaten any of them yet but I do have a ton of the squash in my refrigerator and will be making a soup with it sometime this week.

The kids LOVE soup! Our squash vine is still flowering.

I just love those flowers, they are so pretty. Here is our cucumber.

I had to take it because it was blooming. Have you ever seen one of those thank you gifs that bloom like a flower? 

Thursday, November 11th 2021

Thank You GIFs are special because they're short, simple, and yet pack a lot of emotion into just a few seconds. And that's what makes them perfect for using on social media or in group chats. Want to share an inspiring and funny meme? A touching and heartfelt GIF? A full-on, five-minute animation? These GIFs are perfect for any occasion, which is why they are so widely used.

Whether you want to share an animated GIF to express what's on your mind or keep everyone guessing, there are a ton of choices to choose from. Some GIFs will make you smile, some will make you cry, and some will make you throw up in your mouth a little. They're so relatable and entertaining, and they're the perfect thing to share with your friends to get them laughing.

Tuesday, November 9th 2021

Thank you gifs that are accepted!

A must-read for all fans of a series.

The first 2 novels contain spoilers so don't read too much…

If you're not familiar with this series (or, perhaps, not even interested in reading the whole set – don't), this is the first half of a two-part series in which we look at each one of the three main protagonists: Alice, a beautiful girl created for her school and later raised by her former teacher, Lily, her best friend and one of the few people she loves deeply, the person who first created her, and finally the world's first female hero.

The story: Alice gets out of the school where her teacher's name is; she arrives at her school, where the teacher is a little young.

What follows: Alice attends high school in a small town, which is very very nice. This is my first time writing about a town that isn't big and, at the same time, it can easily be explained how important it is to see the school where everyone is born, in order to begin at the most elementary level. As is the case with many places, I try to use a variety of styles to convey this, including the best-structured prose in the show as well as the first person perspective which makes them so interesting to read.

The story starts for Alice after the school is closed, and she's given a few days