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Thank You!

Thank You Gifs are an easy way to send an appreciative message to your buddies. Just copy and paste into an email, or save to your phone and send as a text. These thank you gifs are intended to be original and fun. Thank you gifs are meant to bring joy to your friends, family and really, quite anyone in the world you want to show appreciation for.

I founded the thankyougif.com website as a centralized hub for thank you gifs that you can send to anyone. By having a centralized hub for thank you gifs, you now have a go-to website to visit and you know there will be a plethora of thank you gifs to choose from.

Thankyougif.com has one standard in mind when providing thank you gifs: keep it original. I like to create new thank you gifs that will enter the internet, I come up with random ideas at once and go create them. Some might be interesting, some might be cool, some might make no sense, some might bring back a level of nostalgia…but all thank you gifs created are fun and a friendly way to send a gif to anybody.

If you don’t like a particular thank you gif, just keep scrolling until you find one. I’m sure there will be a thank you gif that is for you. It’s a pleasure to create thank you gifs that might be for you. This one might not, that one might not, but THAT one just might. Just copy or save that thank you gif and enjoy.

Be sure to refer your friends to the Thank You Gif hub: thankyougif.com. I urge you to browse through our many unique thank you gifs and select one that fits your need at the time. I will be constantly updating thankyougif.com so you can get the freshest content possible.

It’s a real delight to be able to provide you with the thank you gifs you need, and please come back whenever you want.



Here are some of my favorite Thank You Gifs at the moment I wrote this:

hank you gifs are fun and make people happy. Happy people. And I have some ideas for people to use them.

I will be giving this thread a couple of weeks back so I will be happy as a moderator.

UPDATE - 15/09/11: The new reddit rule is that posts that don't meet the above guidelines will be considered spam and may be removed, but posts that do not meet these rules will also get a warning message. I hope that this will lead to new rules for all redditr/Cannabis, especially those that don't actually need those.

Update by reddit-master: May 12, 2013:

For more info please see the reddit rule from August 6, 2013:

Also, remember to use modmail if you are using a different system that doesn't support the new rules. If we decide the rules are not for our purposes (like spamming reddit spam), do the following:

Add .subreddit with your subreddit's host name you want to make it known, otherwise it won't be accepted as spam.

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