Snoopy thank you gif - Collection

These snoopy thank you gifs are great because they remind you of your childhood. Snoopy is the character from the show "Peanuts" who would write thank you notes to his friends for gifts. The messages are silly, cute, and totally self-explanatory. You probably even want to send one back to these companies.

1 "Dear Big Spender, You are welcome! I love my denim jacket. Thank you for getting it for me." - Jen from Dodge City

2 "To Foodsland, I like my tuna on white. No sour cream!" - Wendy from Parksville

3 "Dear Butterfingers, Allergies suck, but I still love you!" - Amy from Charlotte

4 "Dear Batman, I'm sorry your theme music has never made me run." - Mike from Cle Elum

5 "To Jello, I love you! - John from Port Angeles

6 "Dear Kelly, Thanks for the rhinestone earrings. - Caitlin from Kitsap County

7 "To Harry Potter: You do not wear blue pants! I also like you. - Chris from Vermont

8 "Dear Banana Pudding, Thanks for the pudding! - Ed from Prineville

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