Thank You Gif Elvis - 1

Thank You Gif Elvis 

Elvis Presley was a great rock and roll icon who made music better.  I'm not surprised that his career has been stifled, but being a rock star is not an easy feat. When I first heard of George R.R. Martin and his music, I thought he was cool.  But what I didn't see in me was that any more, I was a rock star from the heart. I had the opportunity to go into the world of the genre by meeting up with some amazing people and getting to experience my own journey.  I was in love.  I still am.  The world of the genre is a different place this time, and I've always stayed grounded on my own.  The fact that I'm a professional photographer is what keeps me alive.  The only way I'm not going to go on and on is by being a big fan. I'm a big fan of my music and love of rock & roll (and I also love what I call what some others call 'gospel music' ) and I hope I can tell you about my past experiences that will help you get started.  In part two of this series I'll list the first things I discovered in my first few years as a journalist, then describe the way things got off to a pretty good start. I hope to be able to write a better piece of music from my own experiences in the wake of doing it this time next