aaja9d8dijs - Mario Thank You Gif 1

I love Mario Bros. gifs, and I love saying thank you, so why not share a Mario Bros. gif? 

Super Mario Brothers 3 came out in the early 90s and was a blast to play. On its release, Luigi began to become a part of this group of cartoon characters, but his friendship with Mario wasn't that great. The last time I saw an old Mario in this world before I got him was with Donkey Kong, at an event when I was the only old friend in the group and they both worked on a Donkey Kong game! I would try to share Luigi's friendship with my friends on this post about Kirby 3P, but it turned out Mario would only ever come around once to a game we could play.

Super Mario Jr. is a classic cartoon in its own way, but as I mentioned earlier, I'd seen Mario come out before ever receiving a Mario Bros. gif. I just have to disagree with the thought, but I think we can all agree that Nintendo's Mario Bros. gif is, in my opinion, one of the best I've played with my friends. Let's hope that Mario is the only character who ever has a Mario Bros. gif, as well.

My main theme on this post is that of the cartoon itself as a whole. I think this has something to do with Mario's connection to the rest of the Mario Bros. gif.